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Home Sensing (what is your environment like?)

by on Jul.13, 2012, under arduino, programming, ubuntu

So for a little while I’ve wanted to make a home sensor net. Having just made the jump from renting a flat to owning a house now is the perfect time! I thought I’d spell out my current thoughts here. especially as someone was asking about the sensors I intend to use.

The principle of the system is to tell me when my home environment is bad, mmmkay? This could be that the temperature is too high, the humidity is too high/low, the building is on fire, someone’s in the house when I’m not or just that a room is too noisy. So to do this we need a few sensors. The ones I intend to use are

Sensor Purpose
DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Mini PIR Sensing motion
Electret Mic Sound
MQ-2 Smoke Sensor
TMP36 Temperature sensor

The smoke sensor may get dropped as it uses a fair chunk of current (it has a heating element on board).
There are a fair few other components going onto the board, such as an ATMEGA328P and some chip (to be decided) to monitor the health of the lithium polymer battery. I’ll also need to include an opamp for the Mic, and also some voltage regs with shutdown pins (don’t want things using power when the thing is asleep!).

Getting all this back to a computer to analyse is going to be via XBee radios. I’m hoping to implement MQTT-S to go over these which should make life very easy for myself in the future!

If I have a prototype by Oggcamp I’ll bring it along :)

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  • Robin Laurén


    Got anywhere with MQTT-S? I have made My First Sensor the other day, built on an ITead studios iBoard, an Arduino clone with Ethernet on board. The iBoard talks MQTT with Cosm. It’s nothing fancy yet, just an LDR reporting how bright or dark it is outside. Or around it.

    The next evolutionary step would be to add a wireless node or two. iBoards interface with Nordic nRF24 radios, so talking MQTT-S over nRF24 would be Rather Nifty.

    If you have a library, i would love to see if i can use it in my project too!

    ̃̃ rL

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